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The iconic chill out
The most exciting location to spend all day worshipping the sun in a relaxing atmosphere, or kicking off the evening in a buzzing nightlife hub.

Our DJ’s selected music spins guests into a smooth state of mind from early afternoon through to late night. Whether lounging with a bottle of champagne or having a glamorous dinner, the club is in perfect harmony with the best services you could ever dream of, all wrapped to fabulous lounge music.

Come indulge your senses and revitalize your soul in this hip, sophisticated and funky urban oasis.

Opening hours: every day from 8am till late.
Swimming Pool: 8am-6pm

The Pool Lounge
What’s better than a sunny day by the pool, chilling, laughing with your friends, and enjoying every moment in a funky elegant playground?

The Pool Lounge offers the ideal setting for sun tanning or stargazing. Whatever the time of the day, different activities and enjoyments are available: food & drinks, massages & treatments, dance performances, lounge music, games and amusements, and so on.

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Ocean Gastro-Tapas Bar
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Chef Jacobo’s unique cuisine
Sit down and enjoy the unique experience that is Executive Chef Jacobo Astray’s cuisine, a Mediterranean-Asian fusion delight inspired by his experience at the 3 Michelin Star elBulli Restaurant in Spain (voted World’s Best Restaurant for a record 5 times from 2002 to 2009), forked up to you after years of wandering to master the best techniques and source the finest produce.

Experience a brunch by the Pool Lounge, dotted with inviting cushions and exotic scenery or try a glamorous and sophisticated dinner in the shade of its interiors, all in a chic and relaxing atmosphere.

Either way you want to get “wowed”, it’s up to you!

What is bistronomy?
Get the best food and techniques in a relaxed bistro atmosphere. Get rid of the wrapping and go back to the essential: the gift. AKA the food, its delicateness, its quality, its potential for surprising you.

Also, what we all love about bistronomy is the atmosphere. A bistro is a place where people share enjoyments in a friendly set up, allowing one another to exchange talks and ideas on the basis of one key word: conviviality!

Bistronomy is a French concept that came up a few years ago, aimed at a more authentic, genuine, affordable way of pleasing customers. The best of gastronomy in a rather informal form. It has become THE new trend with regards to restaurants concepts. From Barcelona to Jakarta, passing by Paris, every chef and culinary critic is raving about it, and for one reason: it’s great! And you’re going to love it.

> Jacobo Astray's creation
Ocean Mixology Bar
Joseph Boroski’s creativity at its best
More than a bar, Ocean Club offers a mix of contemporary bar tending techniques with the best products.

Trust in our consultant Joseph Boroski’s (World’s Best Mixologist) international fame and experience, and be surprised and delighted by any of his truly amazing cocktails or mocktails.

A range of healthy fresh juices complements your invigorating afternoon and sets you up in wonderful shape for the rest of the day.

Ocean Wine Bar
A taste of the world
Intimate and cozy, the Wine Bar sets a warm, sophisticated, and embracing atmosphere to enjoy our long and respectable international wine list.
The Wine Bar proposes a great selection of more than 40 fantastic wines in order to satisfy every customer’s taste or fantasy. Wine is not only a drink, it is a culture of its own. Fans of full-body reds or sweet whites will all be delighted. Either to accompany your dish or for a pure wine tasting experience, the Wine Bar is the place where everybody can challenge his own taste rather than his wallet.

Ocean Boutique
Style it up!
The Boutique marries up-to-the-minute fashion with luxury travel sensations and style. With a team of well-traveled style gurus on hand to offer their expertise on everything from finding the ideal swimsuit for a pool party to being seen in the hippest outfits, the Boutique Beachwear and Accessories offers everything for a fashionable jet setter’s lifestyle.

The Boutique can provide you with everything you need while relaxing in our Urban Oasis. From beachwear clothing to sun protection via original accessories, we make sure that your wishes are fulfilled. Any extra-needs? Just ask us!